Saint Croix County Wind Farm Tentatively Approved by PSC

The state Public Service Commission (PSC) has tentatively approved a wind turbine farm for Saint Croix County in western Wisconsin. Commissioners voted 2-1 for the Highland Wind Project on Thursday, after rejecting it earlier this year. PSC legal counsel Cynthia Smith says the majority decided the wind farm would meet a state noise standard “that we believe is protective of human health and safety.” Smith says that the applicant also agreed to meet “an even lower noise standard near certain homes.” The PSC says the Saint Croix County wind farm will have between 30 and 44 turbines. There will be sound monitors to measure compliance with state law. A citizens group has opposed the project, and says the PSC didn't talk enough about health and safety concerns. The group is considering whether to appeal the decision. This is the first wind farm the PSC has approved in a few years, after a long debate over siting regulations. Source: Wisconsin Public Radio
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