About Us

For us, the founders of Emerging Energies, Wisconsin isn’t just a spot on a map hanging in some corporate office. The Upper Midwest is where we live. It’s where we’re raising our kids. It’s where we wake up with new hope each morning and relax with our friends and families at the end of a long, hard day. We know this part of the world – the landscape, the people, and yes – the wind.

That’s why, in 2003 when we established Emerging Energies, we set out not only to develop small to mid-size renewable energy projects here, but to do it right. To us, that means being careful stewards of the land, good neighbors in the community and honest, hardworking partners to local workers and our investors.

Our role in developing wind projects is much like a general contractor on a construction project – coordination from concept to completion. After we identify strong wind sites, we have conversations with local officials to share our vision and gain the credibility necessary to move projects forward. These initial conversations provide support and add to the comfort level of the landowners. And because we understand that not everyone will want to participate in the opportunity for change we have also created a “good neighbor agreement” to benefit nearby landowners who do not host a turbine.

We always try to use local resources to develop wind farm projects because that’s the right thing to do. It promotes community support, related workforce involvement and positions the project favorably for investors. Emerging Energies holds 30-year options to develop wind on more than 6,000 acres of high wind resource land and we are actively expanding this inventory. That’s good for us, good for landowners and good for our neighbors.