Q: What are the areas affected by this project?
A: The towns of Forest and Cylon in St. Croix County, Wisconsin

Q: How large is the proposed project site?
A: 26,500 acres

Q: How many turbines are being proposed for this project?
A: 41 turbine sites with 11 additional alternatives locations

Q: What types of jobs will be created with this proposed wind farm?
A: 100+ jobs will be created during the construction phase. Once the wind farm is built, up to 8 permanent positions will be needed to run day-to-day wind farm operations.

Q: Has the project secured any sites to date?
A: 6,200 acres already under lease from property owners for turbine sites, access roads, and distribution lines

Q: Where will the energy be uploaded?
A: Transmission lines will connect the wind farm turbines to a transmission line near Forest-Cylon town line.